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As anybody who uses Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing in their marketing crusade knows, being paid your ad copy on the front page of a exploration fallout item is apt more exclusive by the day. It's a new enfant terrible known as 'keyword fatigue', and it's down to the overwhelming hit of programs like Google's AdWords. As more and more advertisers realise the remuneration of this form of interchange generation, so the add up to of associates command for the same keywords increases, and the bid prices climb accordingly. Great news if you are a publisher compelling a cut of the revenue, but not so acceptable for those doing the bidding.

So are the days of 5 cents a click now just a cool memory? Not at all, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of keyword phrases out there for least cost, all it takes is a barely more attempt to use them. To appreciate how this can be done, with Google AdWords in particular, it is first crucial to appreciate how ad positions are determined.

Google's PPC program, like their core explore engine, chairs a great deal of prominence on advertisment relevance. When a web surfer types keywords into the explore box, Google wants the ad that most attentively matches that expression to be shown bordering the top of the list - not just the ad order the chief total of money. It mutiplies bid price by keyword relevance, and that means that by cautious assortment of your keywords, it is feasible to be located above competitors and pay only 1 cent more than they are (Google doesn't automatically allegation the maxium total you bid, only an adequate amount to put you ahead).

There are three clean ways you can trump your competitors with your keyword selection:

1. Longer phrases. There are huge facts of ancestors command on a loose term like "mortgage broker", but fewer ancestors behest on a tighter axiom like "mortgage insurance broker in texas". If a forager types "mortgage dealer in texas" into Google, and you have that couch in your keyword list, your ad will be deemed more important than a person just using "mortgage broker" in their own list - which means a cheaper click for you! Of course, there are fewer searches for finance brokers expressly in Texas than for credit brokers in general, so it's crucial to build a large list of akin keyphrases targetting many locations.

2. Faster matching. Just since you might type "in car satellite radio" into Google, doesn't mean every surfer will do the same. A celebrity else pointed for the same thing may well enter "satellite radio in car", or "radio in car satellite", and so on. If your ad contains every variation, it may trump a competing ad which lists only the first example. In other words, having just the keywords in your list isn't essentially a sufficient amount - having them in the same order a hunter enters them will give your ad a develop importance score.

3. The final (Google specific) logic is to make certain that you wrap every keyword or keyphrase in both quotation marks and brackets. Again, this means that if a big shot enters an exact term you have listed, your ad will beat a competing ad that has the same term but exclusive of the brackets or quotes.

Clearly, shop keyword lists in this way can be more time consuming than austerely selecting a few generic words that explain your consequence or service, but free tools such as those at http://www. keyword-linker. com can make the administer much earlier than doing it manually.

Cheap keyphrases are still there for the taking, the winners in PPC now will be those who put in the attempt to catch them.

About The Author

Henry Eldridge-Doyle is an internet marketeer, and site developer at http://www. keyword-toolkit. com.


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