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One of the customary issues that marketers face when using Google Adwords, is that the use of popups on the aim page for their ad is not permitted. Many Adwords advertisers just from tip to toe confiscate popups from their web site, which can not only appreciably break the profitability that domino effect from other travel sources, but, as we shall see, it is also not fully necessary. This critique looks at complementary solutions, which when implemented can effectively amplify the ROI (Return On Investment) for Adwords ads.

It is well accepted that by capturing the visitor's email address, and then subsequent up with them via an effectual auto-responder campaign, marketers can more than alter ego their odds of clinching the sale. Popups can be a very efficient way of doing this, often ration to change 50% of more of visitors to subscribers.

With Google Adwords however, since popups are not permitted, you need to look for other ways in which you can capitalize on the visitor-to-subscriber conversion ratio, and in this manner also capitalize on the value you get out of each click-through to your web site.

Here are three main ways in which you can do this:

1. Set your aim page for your ad as a so-called 'name squeeze' page - this means the whole page you absolute them to is focussed on one thing, to get their name and email address, next which you can all the time redirect them to your common sales page to try and 'make the sale'. You still need to make sure of course of action that your ad accurately reflects your affect page.

As an case in point of how to do this, let's say you sell cheap widgets, and your ad is displayed for the keywords 'cheap widgets'. Write a bang or an ebook on 'How To Decide The Best Cheap Widget' and offer it for free on your name squeeze page, in come back for their email address.

2. Use a exclusive type of popup that doesn't essentially ceremony in a new browser window, but 'hovers' over your accessible web page - this type of popup is not detected by Google (nor for that be relevant can they be banned by popup blocker technology), and works in a comparable way to dynamic menus, which of choice are entirely permissable. I have been using this type of popup very fruitfully for many months in conjunction with Adwords.

You can get a free copy of the software I use by transfer a blank mailto:optinover@takanomi. par32. com.

3. Put popups on other pages - Google does not instruct that you be supposed to no popups on your web site, only on the aim page for your ad. This means that if your aim page encourages visitors to click all the way through to other areas of your web site, you can add put popups on these other pages to help capture your visitors email address.

For example, if you have a long sales letter, try splitting it up onto two or more pages. Your popup(s) can be sited on any of the other pages. I use PopUpMaster Pro to make certain that the popup does not arrive on the scene if a variety of links are short of - this means that you don't show the popup to visitors who click by means of to read other pages of the sales correspondence or to order, but if not (if they leave your web site) you show them an exit popup to try and grab their email concentrate on already they are 'lost forever'.

Use one of the above methods, and you ought to find that you capture the facts of many more visitors who click by means of from your Google Adwords ad - and by doing this, as one with an effectual autoresponder campaign, your arrival on your ad could critically add to too.

Copyright 2004 Steve Shaw

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Steve Shaw has been marketing full-time online since March 2002, increasing software crop and systems for effect'ive e-marketing - for more in rank see http://takanomi. com.

For the mechanical edge on e-marketing, and to claim some beneficial bonuses, you can subscribe to Steve's common newsletter at http://takanomi. com/newsletter.

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