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It may seem to be a very dear way of promotion your products. But if it's done the right way it can be a money assembly machine on auto-pilot.

Let's say that you have bought one of the many ebooks with reprint civil rights that you can find online. Then you use the tools that you be given with the ebook to set up your own web page on your own domain. It's very easy and often done in just one hour or two.

After your sales page is online and you have checked that the whole lot is functioning fine, you ought to go to Approach and open an account. Then you start to make your keyword list. For that you can use Overture's own keyword tool. It's quite good for the reason that you can see how many times each keyword have been searched for the earlier month. That gives you a clue of how common the keyword are, and it predict how many clicks you can get for that keyword.

When you exploration for keywords you ought to first look at your sales page,for words that are applicable for the effect that you are promoting. Write all the words down or save them in a txt file. You can also put in spelling mistakes in these keywords. There are constantly a lot of searches with spelling mistakes. And these keywords have often no bids. This site offer a tool to find spelling mistakes. http://www. seochat. com/seo-tools/keyword-typo-generator/

Now it's time to put all the words into Overture's keyword tool. If you use the tool that are existing when signing up for an account,you ought to be able to see how high the bids are for each keyword.

The words that have the peak add up to of searches are most likely to have the chief bids, too.

I have seen keywords that have bids for $40 and even senior for each click. What you want to find,are the keywords that have high searches and low bids.

If you are lucky you can find words that have no bids on them yet. Then you have the opening to have your ad on the first position for only $0,10 per click.

This is the buck bid on Overture. It can vary among the company's that offer pay per click ads.

By the way,that is what you must bid on all your keyword. Try to find as many keywords as possible. It's change for the better to have 5000 keywords that you have low bids on, then to have a few keywords with privileged bids. That way you will have a advance attempt to earn money.

Remember that you get 1000 visitors for $100 if you bid only $0,10 per click. So if you are promotion a artifact that cost $25. And you sell about 1 unit per 100 visitor. You will have $250 after 1000 visitors.

You ought to also think about discount money when you write your ad. Don't try to lure ancestors into click your ad by journalism about free offers or any hype of that kind. You might get a lot of visitors that way,but they will leave your site when they see that they have to pay for your product.

They are only using your money lacking you creation a distinct sale.

Instead you ought to write faithfully what you are offering, and what price you are asking for the product. That way you are in receipt of beleaguered visitors that know they have to pay the price you set in the ad in order to get the creation you are offering. To top it of,you can offer them a test drive.

If it's an ebook you can put one interval of it onto a auto responder in 5-7 emails.

Then send the letters once a day to the ancestors that sign up for the test drive.

Now you can sit back and see what fallout you get. Let the ad go for a month and see how many clicks it takes ahead of everybody buys from you.

If it's not bringing back a sufficient amount money,you be supposed to try to figure out what's wrong. Is it the ad or is it your web page? Anyway, try to fix it and let the ad go for an added month. When you have a acceptable come back of investment(ROI). It's just to let the ad go lacking any more work on your part. It's going on auto pilot.

Just bear in mind to check it once a month to see if the ROI are dropping. If it's not bringing in adequate money,you can find a different product,and do the same thing all over again.

Torgeir Sunnarvik is the owner and webmaster of http://www. everypleasures. com The site offer free ebooks, ebooks with reprint civil liberties and marketing articles.


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