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Blame Game

Nearly any person and all and sundry complex with hunt engine optimization and Internet marketing is aware of the celebrated "Florida" fill in by Google that caused many ad sites to lose their Google level and position.

Industry experts speculated as to why Google made such radical changes to their algorithm. Those sites that no longer ranked well for common explore terms had to take far-reaching steps in order to pick up the anniversary purchasing season. Many noted the timing and attention i don't know Google was attempting to get the most out of on the Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click marketing program. Others austerely whined that even if their site restricted ad material, it also contains advantageous comfortable and was fraudulently penalized.

What many botched to acknowledge is that Google has every right to make algorithm changes and if they elect to drop sites that lack relevance, it is their business. Listings in Google's main exploration almanac are free. Many have profited from Google's aptitude to send travel for years. Google doesn't owe anyone, anything, least of all an clarification of their algorithm changes. Businesses that rely on Google's free listings as their sole cause of web passage lack good sense. Google, being an autonomous company, assets the right to run their affair as their management sees fit. If you are depressed with Google stop using them for searches.

If the consequences that Google serve lack appropriate listings, then find a different engine to use! It has happened ahead of and it will ensue again. It is the law of bring and demand. If Google is incapable to afford important comfort that searchers demand, Google will befit irrelevant. Look at the how the explore engine landscape has distorted over the past few years: AltaVista is no longer the leader, Infoseek no longer exists and others are barely resemble what they once were.

As for the business sites who have been beat-up by the Florida fill in here are some suggestions:

  • make your site relevant!

  • submit to other examination engines (MSN, Inktomi, Lycos etc. . )

  • pay for passage (pay-per-click and pay-for-inclusion)

  • develop passage from different sites

  • rely on established methods of advertising

  • promote your website in your signature line in newsgroups

  • promote your website on your affair cards or on mailings

  • participate in activity certain directories

  • participate in vertical promote pay-per-click the come back on investment tends to be *much* advanced even if the transfer is a lot less

The bed line is be converted into practical instead than reactive, stop humming about Google and find alternative sources of web traffic.

About The Author

Sharon Housley manages marketing for NotePage, Inc. http://www. notepage. net a circle specializing in alphanumeric paging, SMS and wireless messaging software solutions. Other sites by Sharon can be found at http://www. softwaremarketingresource. com , and http://www. small-business-software. net


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