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Care for your clickbank foodstuffs from online theft - ppc-advertising


One of the chief evils faced by ClickBank merchants is the risk of at ease theft - associates downloading their digital food not including paying for them.

To gain dishonest admission to downloadable artifact files, indomitable contented thieves exploit a range of confidence weaknesses, each of which can be eliminated if the accurate defensive events are applied. Here, we will look at just one area of exposure and a down-to-earth precaution that any ClickBank business can use to keep aligned with it.

Most ClickBank merchants absorb that there be supposed to never be links to downloadable consequence files and thank-you pages from the other pages on their website. The only way to admittance a artifact file must be via its thank-you page, which as well must be available only via the ClickBank payment process. Celebration of these clean guidelines will make sure that there is no way to follow the map candidly to your downloadable content.

This approximate also ensures that the thank-you page will not be indexed by hunt engine spiders, which is essential, as nonentity could be more damaging to artifact collateral than a thank-you page with a #1 Google ranking!

However, we must not overlook the risk that your thank-you page and creation file URLs may be circulated in underground newsgroups and forums. While this may not automatically lead to an abrupt mass of criminal downloads, the risk exists that the forum rearrangement will in the long run be indexed by a hunt engine and that this will give an indirect route by which the thank-you page itself becomes indexed.

Astonishingly, the blend projected by some so-called web confidence experts is to list your thank-you pages in your web server's robots. txt file - a configuration file that informs explore engines which pages ought to be disqualified from indexing.

It's true that this advance as a rule prevents indexing of the thank-you pages. But it creates an even larger weakness - it provides any would-be hacker with easy approach to the exact names and locations of all your evidently covert files.

It cannot be over-emphasized - never list your consequence files or approach pages in your web server's robots. txt file! To explicitly stop a thank-you page being indexed by spiders, use the next Meta tag in the building block of each thank-you page:

Although a explore engine may come across your thank-you pages by some indirect route, it will mutely disregard any page that contains the above Meta tag.

Of course, this is just one of quite a few vulnerabilities that expose your downloadable foodstuffs to the risks of theft. In division 21 of "ClickBank - The Authoritative Guide", I analyze the whole gamut of techniques that online thieves use to steal your market and I express a number of of the most actual ways in which this challenge can be tackled.

About The Author

Copyright Tim Coulter. All civil rights reserved.

Tim Coulter is a consultant and software developer who helps netpreneurs to connect marketing technologies.

He is also the creator of "ClickBank - The Authoritative Guide" The Basic ClickBank Tutorial & Citation Manual.

http://www. clickbankrevealed. com/

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