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When we launch a new product, we all hope it's going to be a abscond bestseller. More than that, most of us aim to construct a creation so remarkable that it generates rave reviews and achieves cult popularity. You may very well accomplish all of these objectives with your creation launches.

But, beware of a characteristic of the ClickBank arrangement that may throw these aspirations into peril - the 90-day refund rule.

Most merchants agree that ClickBank's rock-solid refund guidelines adds a great deal of credibility to their sales pitches, enabling them to make sales to even the most wary of online shoppers. The hassle-free refund modus operandi is also the key feature at the back of ClickBank's exceptionally low chargeback rate. ClickBank customers have no need to ask their banks for chargebacks, so ClickBank keeps its business bill in good duration and we merchants all save money on chargeback penalties.

But, even with its attractions, the ClickBank refund rule is also a cause of blatant abuse by a marginal of dishonest buyers.

However good a creation may be; in spite of this much your authentic buyers love it, there will continually be a small percentage who ask for refunds. Don't be disheartened. In most cases, this is not a evidence on your creation or your competence as a merchant. It is cleanly an exploitation of the ClickBank refund arrangement to get amazing for nothing.

Around 5% of my ClickBank sales consequence in refunds and, judging by my negotiations with other merchants, this appear appears to be about average. I have copious glowing testimonials from contented customers, but there is still the irregular buyer who is, seemingly, difficult to please. Ironically, I have never yet issued a refund to a buyer who has free a aim for being dissatisfied. Is this normal? It suggests to me that the conundrum lies not with the product, but with the morals of the buyer.

With the acquisition of a digital effect you can, if you choose, keep the effect and get your money back. Online theft just doesn't get any easier than this.

ClickBank's commercial convergence has recommended a range of ways to tackle this problem. The most admired idea seems to be that ClickBank be supposed to commence a rogue client list, identifying consecutive refunders by their prior purchasing activity. Of course, the list would be confidential - merchants would easily need the alternative to enumerate whether they acknowledge purchases by buyers in this category. This answer is not lacking its own problems, in particular the challenge of accurately identifying buyers from one acquire to the next. With numerous acclaim cards and many email addresses, it is more or less easy to bypass the banned list, basically by creating a new online persona. But, at least this initiative offers hope of a answer to the problem.

So far, ClickBank has not announced on any plans to fill in its refund certificate or bring in reins to guard its merchants from this type of fraud. Until amazing changes, merchants need to adopt a pragmatic feelings to the dilemma of sham refunds. As frustrating as it may be to see our profits willingly handed over to fraudsters, we ought to bring to mind that the encouragement accessible by the refund arrangement in all probability pays us dividends many times greater, in the form of better sales.

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Tim Coulter is a consultant and software developer who helps netpreneurs to channel marketing technologies.

He is also the biographer of "ClickBank - The Perfect Guide" The Best ClickBank Tutorial & Good word Manual.

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