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Never mind the irritating, but effective, pop-up window. There is a new type of interruption promotion that is much more subtle, much less annoying, and just as effective.

It is the depressing interruption.

A depressing interruption is when an likely blueprint is detached or "restrained" from an expectation causing a noticeable non conformity.

I'll give an example, and then I'll show you. (And I'll bet you a buck you'll want to use it for yourself. ) Here goes:

You're viewing a web page and you scroll down a bit to see more. But a small image off to the side, as a substitute of affecting "with" the page, "stays" in the same next of kin position.

It doesn't move, while all else moves. It doesn't conform, in that way causing a persistent interruption, forcing you to advertisement its bizarre being until you act on it. It's like a child that just stands there and stares at you until you respond.

I am in the act of witnessing a amazing phenomenon, as associates not only just "have to have one" but I'm inspection the outcome grow daily. Let me give you two examples, so you won't think I'm pulling your coat tails.

By the way, neither of these is mine. I'm just a monkey in the center study this clarify like the crazy magic I told you so. In one of these you'll be able to see with your own eyes how efficient it is.

First is the "Instant Buzz" plug-in/ad-delivery system. It's free, and abundantly contagious. You'll liable get this from a small hanging dialogue box that can't be ignored, despite the fact that you can dismiss it with a click.

It works so well, that in the last two days I've seen a burgeon of new subscribers to it. It's a truly charming and infectious and viral fashion of receiving your ad to potentially thousands yourself. Take a look:

http://www. SeducingTheBuyer. com/tools. htm

Now, what if you could use this very viral, persistent denial interruption approach with YOUR OWN message, going to your own ad? And what if you didn't have to share this equipment with others? And what if you didn't have to sign-on!

You can. And here's the agree with tool.

It is a persistent child with many faces and many locations, and you can edit with any letter you want. And you can bring in with it any conceive of you want.

And you can bring in a "hide me" button, or you can make it arrive only on the first page view, or every X duration of time, etc. And you can open it to a pop up or a new page, or in the same window, if you want to.

In short, you check every bearing about its presentation to your hope AND you can make it viral for the reason that its code is in the HTML of the page. Or, you can refer the code like a site-wide CSS sheet that would be off-page, if you required to do that instead. Its adaptability is phenomenal.

Here's a live example: http://www. seducingthebuyer/Persistent/example-1. htm

As you can see, the sky's the limit with your mind's eye and creativity. But most importantly, you can have the power of the pop-up not including the a pain side effects. Now, isn't that a gift worth respecting your customers with?

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Dorian Greer is the publisher of Top Articles on Marketing. Come across the most up to date techniques on Internet marketing from over 340 sources twice-monthly.

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Copyright 2004 Dorian Greer


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