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First of all, you know as well that Google is still the #1 Explore Engine in the net, departure Advance at the agree with place. If you type a word or a couch in Google's hunt box and press "enter", a large come to of links will act in front of you, connected to the area under discussion you've typed earlier.

Take a look at the right hand side of the main page. There be supposed to be a new group of links absolute with their descriptions, right? Only, these ones are much lesser than those main link results. What is the difference?

Do you see the subtitle: Sponsored Links? Those link outcome on the right hand side is called Google AdWords. Associates bid a a selection of price to Google to put their links on there everytime visitors examination for allied keywords. Those advertisers are only paying for the information of click-throughs to their links. This kind of promotion is called the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

In order to reach a privileged attitude in the link results, Google has set up a exclusive formula. Let's say you want to put your link in Google AdWords and you bid for "flowers" as your main keyword. You are not the only one who bid for that keyword. There are lots of ancestors who also bid for it, since they also want to promote their "flowers" sites!

The exceptional formula of Google AdWords is that you can't reach the #1 arrange only by ever-increasing your request price. Google also considers your Click All through Rate (CTR). CTR is a value that represents how many click-throughs (clicks on your ad) you get among your ad's impressions. Too many challenging words?

OK, let's try it this way. . . Impressions is the frequency of your ad's arrival in the explore engine's conclusion page. If your ad appears 500 times, than your ad's dent is 500. But, of course of action you don't get a click everytime your ad shows up. From those 500 impressions, perchance you only get 1 click. This makes your CTR = 1/500 = 0. 002 = 0. 2%

The change for the better the CTR you have for an ad, the lower you have to bid for the same position.

That means, Google also rewards the good comfort of your ad. When your ad gets a lot of click-throughs, that means you have a good ad and Google rewards you for that! Your ad is good according to Google if your ad is germane with the comfort of your site.

In Google AdWords, the rich ones don't continually win - the smart ones do!

Of course of action there are still a lot of effects we haven't touch concerning Google AdWords, but we have to do it later. After all, this is a quick overview for beginners, right?

Copyright 2005 Farid Aziz.

Farid Aziz is a full-time Internet Marketer. Bare more of his FREE tips and strategies on Internet Marketing and get a FREE Avenue on How to Make Money Online with Your Hobby at Internet Pusher Sells


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