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Pay per click: whats it all about? - ppc-advertising


No doubt you've heard the couch "pay per click" before. This refers to any type of publicity where you only pay per click-through.

Traditional Web advertising, such as banner ads, exciting advertisers based how many citizens SAW your ad. But with pay-per-click deals, you only pay for how many colonize essentially CLICK on your ad (to get to your offer page or Web site).

This is great since broadly you only pay for RESULTS.


One of the most accepted seats pay-per-click has befit a enfant terrible is in explore engines and Web directories. For example, let's use one of my own listings.

Go to http://www. yahoo. com/ right now and explore for "ezine publishing. " On the hunt consequences page, you'll see at the VERY top a divide called "Sponsor Listings. "

Guess who is planned up here? Yours truly! In fact, at the time I wrote this article, my book site - http://www. ezinequeen. com/tutorial/index. htm - is planned at come to one.

Underneath the sponsor listings is the divide called "Web Matches," which shows the accepted hunt engine listings that are submitted and indexed the customary way.

If you do searches for "ezine publishing" on Lycos, AltaVista, and CNET, you'll also see me in the top "Sponsor Listings. "

How did I do this? Did I pay some search-engine-optimization guru thousands of dollars to tweak my Web site in the favor of all these exploration engines' algorithms?

No way! I'm on a small affair budget, just like you. I achieved these listings myself, and you can too. In fact, it's ridiculously easy.

I austerely opened an bank account with Offer and bid on the axiom "ezine publishing. " Advance (http://www. overture. com) provides the "sponsor" listings at all of these sites.

Now, don't let the word "bid" scare you - it's in fact a down-to-earth process. Once you have an Advance account, you can go in and see just who is command on the keywords you want, how much they are bidding, and how many clicks these keywords get each week. Then you can elect an apposite sum to bid and approximate your budget. Some common keywords go for numerous dollars, while others go for as barely as 5 cents.


Your goal ought to be to land one of the *top three* spots for your keywords at Overture, for the reason that most of the associate sites (such as Yahoo) ONLY show Overture's top three listings at the top of the page in that "sponsor" section, which citizens see FIRST. If you're digit four or five in Overture, you may show up at the base of the explore page, if at all.

Right now Approach has contracts with Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, Lycos, AltaVista, CNET, and more exploration sites, and they claim their listings reach more than *80 percent* of all U. S. Internet users!


I'm the first to admit that while I'm "The E-zine Queen," I'm NOT a mechanical person. I do none of my own Web design, programming, or central processing unit maintenance, and I'm apt to throw money at everybody who can help me avoid expert tasks! But I found Offer easy to amount out.

It only takes them a few days to allow and post your listings. This means if you sign up today, your site can be planned for the keywords you elect by next week. And that means more Besieged Travel to your site by next week!


There are a few other all the rage pay-per-click army out there. Google AdWords Decide on (https://adwords. google. com/select) is one of them. Their benefit works very correspondingly to Overture, even though your listings act a bit in your own way - in diminutive boxes alongside of the accepted exploration listings. And your arrange is dogged not only by your bid, but by your ad's popularity (number of clicks).

The only drawback I found with Google's advantage is that they agreed will not admit any item for a site that skin tone a pop-up window. Even if the pop-up skin texture comfortable that is from tip to toe connected to the site, such as for a newsletter. I hemmed and hawed to their editorial staff . . . and got nowhere.


So be sure to give pay-per-clicks a try. You only pay when a big cheese clicks on your ad, so why not see what type of fallout you get?

It's central to consider that pay-per-clicks are just one tactic in your bag of online marketing tricks. Don't rely on them for all of your Web site traffic. You must still put crack into achieving consistent examination engine listings and in advance online exposure in other ways.

As your nurse apt told you, don't put all your eggs in one basket! ; )

(c) 2000-2003 Alexandria K. Brown.


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is creator of the award-winning manual, "Boost Commerce With Your Own E-zine. " To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://EzineQueenTutorial. com/

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