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4 ways to get applicable adsense ads on your site - ppc-advertising


If you're an energetic Adsense publisher, I'm sure you have seen extraneous Adsense ads on your site. Right? I've experienced them too.

Not only these ads do not communicate to your website content, they will not get clicked as well.

Recently I've figured out quite a few ways how to solve this problem.

1- Try adding up META tags to your web page. The most important tags are TITLE, Account and KEYWORDS.

2- Rename your html file. Don't use a generic name. Instead, use your keyword(s) as your file name. For example, if the page is about assembly money with Adsense, simply name it make-money-with-adsense. htm.

3- Try refreshing your page again and again until you see relevant ads displayed. You can refresh the page by clicking on the refresh button, or burning F5 key on your keyboard.

4- If any of the above tricks do not work, you can send an email to Google Adsense Aid effective them about the problem. Don't hesitate. Their aid team will reply to your email shortly.

I've qualified this badly behaved with more than a few sites of mine, and it was solved 2-3 days after contacting Google Adsense team.

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