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Google stands to lose millions if fraud continues. It is only a be relevant of time ahead of the existing conundrum of click fraud implodes on Google.

You've seen them, there hopeless to miss, bright at you on effectively every page of your desired website, those diminutive blue boxes that webmasters have befit so fond of, the infamous Google Ad's. Each one wants to get in on the big bucks action. If you eavesdrop to the stories, Google is copy some impressive checks and the temptation will be just to much for the hackers. The aim is so obvious.

You see, hackers don't care who payback from their hard work as long as "the Man" suffers. For many years now the man has been Bill Gates and Microsoft. Hackers have done all achievable to disable his empire, creating virus after virus just to mess with him, even the US Control got into the act. Now the new giant on the block is Google and the hackers are drooling with anticipation. It is just a mater of time already some genius hacker facts out how to get a spider to do his dirty work and turns loose a new age type of virus, the "clicker bug. "

Here is a quick overview; the examination engine publicity marketplace is at present more or less $4 billion per year with fraud estimated everyplace in the 5-15% range. The adult years of this fraud is done at the exploration engine catalog page level and most is accomplished by hand. The article is to drive up the click counts of a under attack website to use up there financial plan and accordingly disable there ad or change for the better yet get the ballet company (your competition) to delete them entirely.

Both Google and Yahoo/Overture acknowledge that the click fraud challenge exists. Their in house experts claim that superior home reins will foil this conundrum from escalating. Their acknowledged attitude seems to be that they are apprehensive about click fraud, but that it is not a background issue so far. Given how much they stand to lose if advertisers cut back on promotion spending, this haughty approach absolutely is surprising. Commerce do research firm eMarketer expects $7. 4 billion to be spent on hunt engine marketing by 2008. At the contemporary fraud rates that amounts to $750 million, about three quarters of a billion dollars!

Now along comes the "clicker bug" and in its place of attacking the case hardened, about bullet proof, servers of the explore engine giant, they crawl the internet and click aimlessly on 3 or 4 ads per website every night. The clicks would act innocuous and the bugs endeavor will only create revenues of $ . 25 for the page owners. After all, the balk is to take down the man not create revenue for any given website. The hunt engines will be so busy guarding the vault aligned with monsters they won't announcement the ants on foot away with the refrigerator, but multiply that accommodate times the total digit of websites accessible and in just a few days Google could be overwhelmed. The only way to stop it would be to encrypt every ad or employ arrangement gif's like the "who is" pages do.

Grant it the expertise is not quite there yet but hackers are some the industries brightest, if a bit deranged, programmers and they will assume it out. If I can think of it they can do it.

Michael Klasno is an Assisted SEO Marketing Specialist and CEO of Net Act Group Inc. Net Act specializes in fishing and al fresco website blueprint and marketing. For more internet marketing articles by this cause delight visit: http://www. netperformancegroup. com/Articles/articles. htm


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