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Adwords PPC Management Tip No. 1

Setting up an account

If you live external of the US, another bare minimum bid prices hold true given the altered currencies involved.

Let's take the UK for case in point - in the UK the bare minimum bid price is 0. 04 where the least bid price in the US is $0. 05.

This means the cost of bids in the UK when currency is converted is considerably elevated (July 2005), consequently it may be wise for you to setup an Adwords checking account which uses USD.

I say may since you will incur charges for currency conversions with your bank so you must look at your own actual economic circumstances to be sure. The new

So, if you have yet to construct an Adwords balance - or definitely even if you have an bill (you would have to shut it down ahead of reopening another) - sign up at http://www. google. com (not your local Google entrance - eg: . co. uk) and enumerate dollars as your bank account currency. It Ccould make a important discrepancy to your PPC management costs.

Adwords PPC Management Tip No. 2

How to add to your affair profitability by hundreds of percent


So you get a mere 4 lines of text to play with in Adwords so every definite line counts. Even more than that every distinct communication counts (even the Capitalisation of calligraphy will make a differentiation to your click by means of rates have faith in it or not).

But what's in a name?

Your name in your ad is of choice your URL. When crafting an ad, most colonize spend a lot of time concentrating on the headline (well worth doing as it is the most crucial part arguably) and on the ad text (also a good thing but not as chief as you'd think).

After the headline, the next thing that prospects eyes are drawn to is. . .

Yes you've guessed it - your name - your URL

But what can I do with my URL I hear you say?

Just since you have 1 province name doesn't mean you need to use it. There is naught in Google's T&C's that prohibits you from using a atypical demonstrate URL to that of your destination URL (although you will have to own the demonstrate URL and it must resolve to a important page - i. e. If you're promotion pet food, it must be about pet food and not resolve to an added attend to industry with a assorted area of interest entirely.

Hundreds of percent more profitable?

We have conducted tests outlined above with some of our clients. Consequences have ranged from 46% because of to 76% more profitable area names. These consequences are applicable to your floor line profitability - bear in mind 76% more transfer will conclusion in a like for like become more intense in bed line profits.

Your outcome are just as applicable on and offline, anything grabs concentration online will do as well in offline print media.

We have also seen a 113% advance on one of our tests (with a small sample) but we clogged the test early as our outcome were not statistically considerable and ahead of you for a superior appraise was a moot point.

Pop Quiz - One of my clients Jonathan Stanley has genially acceptable me to show you the fallout of our tests with him. Believe the subsequent adverts and their demonstrate URL's:

www. TalkingLeadership. com
www. ThisIsLeadership. com
www. LeadSuccessfully. com
www. MyLeadershipCenter. com
www. LeadingEffectively. com

Which of the above ceremony URL's was the winner and which do you think was the loser and which one do you think was the winner?

Well, the outcome are as follows from worst to last:

MyLeadershipCenter. com 9 clicks
LeadingEffectively. com 17 clicks
LeadSuccessfully. com 18 clicks
ThisIsLeadership. com 21 clicks
TalkingLeadership. com 37 clicks

Who would have attention it? I absolutely wouldn't but then that's the point you will never know until you test.

My credit to Jonathan Stanley once again at http://www. TalkingLeadership. com for allowing me the use of this example.

And what else can you do with your text? And even if you want to use your free realm there's a load you can still do - commit to memory CAPITALISATION? And then there are sub-domains or even appended almanac names.

All it takes is a hardly ingenuity and you'll find your click all the way through rates attainment new heights with your Adwords PPC management.

Adwords PPC Management Tip No. 3

Keyword Resources

It's easy to think you have a great list of 50 or 100 keywords and stop there but you'd be gone out on the thousands of other keywords your competitors may have researched.

Brainstorming Resources Here are a few keyword brainstorming capital you must try to amplify your keyword list:

http://www. kwmap. net
http://www. trackingandtesting. com/dystatic/AdwordsVolume1Wordtracker. php
http://www. lexfn. com
http://www. goodkeywords. com
http://inventory. overture. com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/
http://www. trackingandtesting. com/dystatic/AdwordsTip1NicheDB. php
http://www. nichebot. com

A a small amount note on thousands of keywords: In guess you have 5,000,000 keywords accessible to you in your Adwords account. In carry out this if used would 'annoy' Google as their servers would grind to a halt. Having thousands of keywords is not a good idea from a testing/tracking or PPC management perspective unless:

* You have a large add up to of citizens to conduct said tracking/testing

* You have the requisite tools to analyse results

* You are extraordinarily regimented (along with all the ancestors you have under your command) in implementing adjust tracking URL's

Google will cap the information of keywords in your bill about the 50,000 level - they may allow more if your bank account chronicle is good.

So don't get too hung up on constructing thousands upon thousands of keywords - find the ones that work as briefly as you can and focus on conversion, your time will be well served.

Bonus Tip

Are you looking for a bigwig to help you with your Adwords PPC management? Well, maybe beforehand you come to a decision upon who be supposed to help you, type in the next express into Google:

"bad ppc management"

Hmmm, makes you think doesn't it?

** Note: This clause is spam forthcoming and has established a low (safe) rating from Spam Assassin.

Tom O'Brien turns Adwords PPC management harms into profitable marketing campaigns. For more free tips on PPC management visit http://www. pdqprospects. com/index. html


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