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Dead easy.

I implemented this tactic for myself former times on one of my sites and my CTR has gone up 300% and it hasn't been 24hrs yet. Needless to say I'll be expenses the rest of the morning making changes to my Adsense ads diagonally my site network.

What is it?

Sorry can't resist a a small amount intrigue.

It's very simple. Using the Leaderboard banner 728 x 90 I added small images/photos above each ad at 140 x 100.

These photos are broadly allied to the ads and draw the eye of the visitor to the ad. Which the ad alone maybe would not do. Once their eye is drawn they read the ad text below the image and they are much more apt to click.

Google before now knows of this tactic and I know a come to of people have approached them via email already implementing the images. Clearly minion wants their bill suspended. The good news is Google are fine with it, for now at least. Although a few warnings have gone out with affection to animated images not being appropriate. So no flash or dynamic gifs!

You can view this in act on one of my sites - http://www. how-to-make-money-online. info/

You can't fail to see it at the top of the page.

Now I hope this is new in sequence to you. If so I know it's going to be damn useful. :) And most of all profitable!

The assistance of this over Google's own 'image ads' is, you desire the image for one and the basic text ad appeals for another. As I'm sure you're aware text ads work change for the better than image ads. This seems to work beat than both alone by combining them together, the major boost comes from you being able to choice the most germane image to your site content.

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