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How to use pay per click marketing, the emoneyreport way! - ppc-advertising


The cycle of belong to programs and money building ventures goes amazing like this:

John Doe makes niched website.

John Doe inserts belong to links.

John Doe waits a week, gets no sales, he soon realizes that he has barely to no visitors!

John Doe doesn't have time to build interchange the SEO way, and decides to start with some PPC campaigns.

John Doe decides to use Overture, and spends about a 1. 07 a click for "blue widgets".

Spending over 22$ his first day, he recieves 20 clicks, no sales, and wants to quit his website permanently.


Don't be a different John Doe. John's main confound was that he didn't go into his crusade with a plan. He just slapped some bids on his most crucial keywords and watched his money fly out the window.

1. Ascertain your keywords. Programs like WordTracker are good for this, as well as the even more free Overture. com tools. Instead than focusing on paying big for the most clicked on keywords, try to get positions 1 - 5 on many smaller, more under attack keywords. Fairly than drop 2$ on "blue widgets", you'd be change for the better off costs . 35 on "Buy Blue WIdgets", or "Cheap Blue Widgets". Every now and then you basically have to best and outmaneuver the competition.

2. Set your bids and expenses restrictions low! You don't want to spend more than 5$ a day when you first begin. Set all your bids to at least show up on the first 15 answer pages. You don't want to pay for attitude one when attitude 2, 3, 4 and 5 are 20 cents cheaper, and will still get considerable clicks.

3. Cautiously write your ads. Get your ad letter out there! Don't be extreme on the funds lettering or exclamation marks either. If your ad is beleaguered to your keywords you'll get more embattled clicks. If I was promotion blue widgets I would instead have clicks for "Buy Cheap Blue Widgets" than "Blue Widgets". Only keep one keywords dynamic at any one time, as you want to see how they react in terms of sales!

4. Examine your results. Keep an eye on what keywords are in receipt of the most attention, and which ones seem to be converting the best. The rule of thumb is that you can judge a keywords (or something really) act after 36 clicks. From here you can agree on what's doing the best, and keep with it.

In conclusion, by using the 4 steps listed, you can set by hand a bit ahead of the competition. The only way to make it on the internet is to outsmart, outperform, and live longer than your rivals.

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