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We've established many emails from customers over the past a number of years asking how high we advocate backdrop AdWords' max cost per click. Generally, we counsel that our customers set the price everywhere moderately high, among the "base" rate and the max rate recommended by Google. For this entry though, I've certain to converse a few options that may help you come to a decision where to set your max cost per click to get a ceiling return.

What kind of clash do you have?

Before you start, you'll need to do a diminutive experimenting with the keyword tool and transfer estimator to see how high you'll need to bid. If the price to get your ad scheduled add up to one, in my opinion, it's a no-brainer. Bid what you need to bid to make sure that you have that come to one spot. It will bring you the most visibility and create the most clicks for your ad. Generally, the privileged the ad, the develop "quality" your clicks will be as well.

If the cost is comparatively low, don't even think about it. Set your ads to be amount one and then, if you're functioning with a narrow budget, set your daily max expenditure limit to a amount that is comfortable for you. It's in the main beat to have fewer clicks of "higher quality" than lots of clicks from "lower quality" traffic.

What if your keywords are approvingly competitive?

Some keywords in AdWords or in Approach (Yahoo Exploration Marketing) are incredibly expensive. Terms for gambling, web hosting, insurance, belief cards and many associate course allied topics are very, very expensive. It's in all probability just not practical for you to get the digit one slot. If your financial statement is limited, you might get one to two clicks a day ahead of the financial plan is gone. In these instances, you're going to need to pick a bid level that is comfortable for you and work on creation your ads better. You aren't going to be able to get the top slot by bidding, so you'll need to amplify your ad's click-through rate and make it more appealing to the spectators who do see it.

Experiment and decide

Ultimately, the certitude is yours. I've found that it pays to have privileged to be found key words when possible. They seem to bring round change for the better than lower sited ads. You're going to have to conduct experiment with your ads even if to see what works best for you. Conduct test for a number of days with another ceiling click prices to see how your clicks and conversions rank. Only then can you make an educated certitude for your website.

Chris Burgess is a Marketing Connoisseur with BuyItSellIt. com Online Provisions (http://www. buyitsellit. com). He has recognized and maintained doing well pay per click campaigns for BuyItSellIt. com and many of its customers. To build an online store for your small commerce abruptly and easily, sign up for your own free 30-day trial online store at BuyItSellIt. com.


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