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10 great belongings not to do with google adsense - ppc-advertising


There is no ask that you can make some good money with Google AdSense, but you're location manually up for blow if you make any of these Top 10 mistakes!

1. Do not use fake in rank when breach your Google AdSense account.

Google says that's a no-no and they will cut your checking account off and keep all the money you may have earned. Besides, demanding to hide your true distinctiveness can cause critical tribulations with the I. R. S. or whoever your tax authorization is.

2. Do not hack or alter Google AdSense code other than to adjustment the parameters that Google authorizes you to change.

Any crack to bypass Google's built-in algorithms not only poses a chance to the integrity of the network, but it threatens the economic modle that Google operates under. You're not big business with some Mom-and-Pop band here, and Google has the legal muscle and deep adequate pockets to drag you all through every court in the land if you break their affair with your hacking antics.

3. Keep AdSense ads off of your registration, confirmation, and all "thank you" pages.

Don't ask me why you can't put your ads there. It makes sense to me that those would be breathtaking locations. Google thinks otherwise, however, and doing so is a killing crime according to their Terms of Service.

4. Do not ceremony AdSense ads and a competitor's ads (like Overture's) on the same page at the same time.

That just makes plain good sense. Google doesn't ask 100% SITE devotion from you, but they do aver that their own ads not be disorderly up by offerings from their competitors.

5. Don't "beg for clicks" or endow with any incentive for clicking on your Google AdSense ads.

This is a biggie and you see this rule desecrated all the time. Any of the "get paid to do stuff" sites that put Google ads in the member's be in command of panels are on foot the plank and they don't even apprehend it. Even those sites with the polite a small amount mail asking you to "help keep my site administration by clicking on our sponsor's ads" are asking to be cut off if those come about to be Google ads.

6. Never click on the ads administration on your own site, even if you are genuinely fascinated in the effect or assistance and are assessment of export it!

Nothing screams FRAUD louder than a webmaster administration up his or her own click counts by cheerfully clicking on ads fromtheir own site. The Google Gods can track this doings and it won't be long until you find manually being paid a goodbye note from their fraud team.

7. No deceptive labeling

Google is very detail about what text can be to be found about their ads. Their Terms of Benefit state: "Publishers may not label the ads with text other than 'sponsored links' or 'advertisements. ' This includes any text candidly above our ads that could be bemused with, or endeavor to be linked with Google ads. "

This is to keep visitors from befitting bemused and barking up Google's tree when they clicked on an ad that led to a porn site as a replacement for of the recipe site they were expectant to visit.

8. Avoid keyword spamming and other discordant tricks

You may be tempted to buy one of those "generates thousands of key-word rich pages in seconds" programs that are so accepted these days but I'll tell you this: Their days are numbered. Google is wise to such high jinks and they will be hot on your trail. Other prohibited gimmicks include:

? "Sneaky" page redirects that send a visitor off to a atypical site then they were in the family way to visit.

? Numerous sites, domains, pages, etc. which have substantially duplicate content.

? Buried text or links of any type.

? Extreme outbound links on any page. Google recommends no more than 100. I'd keep it way below that.

? And here is a lump of wisdom above-board from Google's mouth: "Do not participate in link schemes considered to augment your site's position or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web as your website may be pretentious adversely by those links.

9. Don't make known whatever thing on Google's prohibited items list.

It's a lot shorter lists than PayPal's or eBay's, but it includes a lot of the same stuff like hacking/cracking content, porn, criminal drugs, laying a bet sites, beer or hard alcohol (I guess wine is OK), weapons, and the other usual stuff.

10. And the 10th dumbest thing NOT to do with Google AdSense is to let the other nine effects stop you from administration an frank site that's calculated to make the most out of this very profitable break that Google offers!

Diane provides marketing and internet profit tips. For more Google AdSense tips, visit http://www. adsense. deeljeabiz. com

Email : deeljeabiz@gmail. com

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