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Yahoo announced that their Publisher Network, formerly obtainable in the US for large websites, will be extensive to small and medium-sized websites.

As affirmed by Yahoo representatives, this will allow the whole publishing commune to take help of Yahoo's crop and armed forces all through what they have described as an "easy-to-use self-serve platform".

Although it will at the outset be obtainable only in the US, development is likely by means of use and projected amplify in popularity.

What Yahoo will offer is very comparable to Google's AdSense to start with: Comfort Match (tm). This will allow publishers to place content-relevant listings on their sites and be given a part of the revenues that they generate.

However, that's not all Yahoo has to offer. In the near future, bonus skin will be added "to enhance the visitor's experience".

In an interview with Will Johnson, broad-spectrum boss of the Yahoo! Publisher Arrangement self-serve offering, what makes the Yahoo! Publisher Arrangement assorted from Google AdSense is:

- Extra reins for publishers,
- Given that advanced consumer service
- Focusing on the education of a high characteristic network

In the longer term, they plan to differentiate by if integration with other great Yahoo! at ease and services. This includes web search, RSS ads, shopping, travel, and in the longer run, music and video.

The main idea, as with AdSense, is to offer publisher's with a means of generating added revenue, as well as engaging their users.

According to Yahoo!, the Yahoo! Publisher Arrangement platform enables you to "generate bonus revenue from your site, take benefit of Yahoo! Publisher tools, air force and programs and help shape what Yahoo! offers the publishing community. "

The Yahoo! Publisher Association website is at:

http://publisher. yahoo. com/

You can apply for the beta agenda here:

http://advision. webevents. yahoo. com/ypn/leads/index. php?loc=USYPN0005

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