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How to waste money and annoy budding customers - ppc-advertising


Why do some companies bid on keywords for goods they don't even sell? Or fail to endow with the basic in rank colonize need to make the certitude to buy? Here's a instructive tale-- with a happy ending.


I'm looking online for lamp shades. I go to Google and click on the top Sponsored Link in the right column: Expo. com. I'm taken to their "Lighting and Fans" page. There are 29 links in the left navigation, but no lamp shades. So I do a keyword search. Foodstuffs Found = 0. All I can do is astonishment why they done in my time and their money, and move on to the next ad.


Clicking on the agree with ad takes me to a home page with a "Shades" tab. I click on that and come on a page with in order about sizes and a link to the lamp shade collection.

I start browsing and find one I'm concerned in. The text instructs me to "Click on lamp image for detail. " I guess they mean lamp shade image. I click, and to my surprise, I see the exact same thumbnail I was looking at, but now I have four color choices and an "ad to cart" button.

OK, I'm a designer. I can be grateful for subtlety. But what's the alteration among White, Off-White, Beige and Coffee? All this site shows me is a a small amount grey photo-- but "Dirty" isn't one of the color choices.

I see the toll-free phone come to at the top of the page. I call (during their customary affair hours) and get voicemail. They say my call is very critical to them, but I'm not so sure. . .


Back to Google, click on a different ad which takes me to a page with lamp shades (YAY!). I can sort by nine atypical criteria, but even so, I don't see faithfully what I want.

There's a link to talk to a lighting consultant. I'm skeptical, but I call. A big cheese answers the phone! I describe what I want and I'm told I need a custom shade. This business doesn't make them, but the consultant refers me to two other sites where I can order custom-made shades.

Even all the same I didn't find what I was pointed for I exceedingly be conscious of this experience. I'd be happy to benefit to this site and do commerce with this ballet company in the future.


Have some abide by for your customers. Think about their needs and do the whole thing you can to meet them. If you're promotion a consequence for sale it be supposed to be accessible on your site. If you assume associates to make a choice, give the in sequence and movies they need to feel comfortable building a decision. And even if you can't make the sale today, you can and ought to offer a good patron be subjected to for the reason that there's constantly tomorrow.


If you place an ad for a effect your site ought to sell that product. Don't waste your money request on keywords for crop you don't sell.

If a big shot clicks on your ad they must be taken to a applicable upstairs hallway page. Don't make associates hunt about or do a Exploration on your site. Show them what they're looking for right away.

Give them the in rank they need to make a good decision. Don't anticipate them to guess what your artifact is "really" like.


Barry Harrison is the dramatist of "REDiTIPS" eMarketing Newsletter and a partner in Resolve Digital, Web Strategies for the Real World.

Visit his site at http://www. resolvedigital. com

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